Adobe Illustrator™ libraries
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Shapes Manufacture library

The Adobe Illustrator™ library contains 99 Manufacture symbols. To use this library, you need Adobe Illustrator™ CS6 or higher Keywords:
Adhesive tape, Angle grinder, Bearing, Bench drill, Bench vice, Bend machine, Blow gun, Calendar, Caliper, Caulking gun, Chain hoist, Chisel, Circular saw, Clamp, Clock, CNC drill, Company, Complaint, Control panel, Cutting pliers, Depth caliper, Drawing, Drill hammer, Drill, Electric motor, Factory, File, Forklift, Foundry, Freight document, Gavel, Glue gun, Glue, Grinding machine, Hacksaw, Hardening, Hardness testing, Hefter, Jigsaw, Laser, Lathe, Material box, Micrometer, Milling, Oil can, Oil, Packing list, Paint, Pallet truck, Pallet, Panic button, Parcel, Parcel2, Parcels, Parts list, Pliers, Process, Production line, QMS, Robotic arm, Sack barrow, Saw blade, Scissors, Sheet roller, Shipping, Soldering iron, Spanner, Spectral analysis, Spray can, Spray gun, Srews, Stamping machine, Stopwatch, Storage place, Store, T-square, Tasks, Tax form, Testing, Tin snips, Toolbox, Tools, Truck, Tube, Turnscrew, Warehouse, Weight, Welding gun, Workbench, Worker

Shapes Medical library

The Adobe Illustrator™ library contains 153 Medical symbols. To use this library, you need Adobe Illustrator™ CS6 or higher Keywords:
Aids, Airways, Allergy test, Ambulance, Ampoule, Anatomy, Antideppresiva, Baby bottle, Baby, Bacteria, Bedpan, Bell push, Biohazard, Blood plasma, Blood pressure, Bowl, Boy, Brain, Caduceus, Cardiogram, Cardiology, Centrifuge, Chief, Consultation, Creme, CT scan, Culture dish, Cuspidor, Death, Deceased, Dental bur, Dental implant, Dermatology, Desinfection, Destilled water, Diagnostic, Dialysis machine, DNA, Doctor, Drop, Drugstore, Ear, ECG, Emergency, Eye, Eyeglasses, Eyeseight test, False teeth, Female, Filter, First aid, Foot, Fracture, Girl, Glass vial, Gynecology, Hand, Healthcare, Hearing aid, Heart, Helicopter, Hermatology, Hospital bed, Hospital, Inhaler, Injection, Insurance card, Kidney, Kids, Laboratory bottle, Laboratory, Liver, Lung, Male, Medical book, Medicamentation, Microscope, Molecule, Mosquito, Mouth, Mouthwash, MRT, Muscles, Natural drugs, Neurology, No smoking, Nuke, Nurse, Operating room, Operation, Organ donation, Oxygen, Parasitic, Patient Info, Patient, Patients, Pedometer, Pill, Pipette, Plaster, Poison, Pregnant, Prescription, Psychiatry, Registration, Respirator, Retort, Scales, Scalpel, Scanner, Scissors, Sicknote, Skull, Soap dispenser, Soother, Sperm, Spirit stove, Stethoscope, Stomach, Surgeon, Tablet, Test tube, Thermometer, Thumbs Down, Thumbs Up, Tick, Tooth bad, Tooth scan, Tooth, Toothbrush, Treatment, Ultrasonic, Virus, Waiting room, Walking stick, Wheelchair, X Ray, Yin Yan
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Shapes Network library

The Adobe Illustrator™ library contains 49 Network symbols. To use this library, you need Adobe Illustrator™ CS6 or higher Keywords:
Access denied, Admin, Binary, Certification, Cloud, Connection, Data transfer, Database, Error, Ethernet card, Fax, Firewall, Folder, Forbidden, Home, ID, Internet device, IP, Keyboard, Logbook, Login, Maintenance, Modem, Monitoring, Network, Networking, Online, PC, Performance, Port, Printer, Router, Satellite, Security, Server, Signal, Spy, Synchronization, User, Users, Virus, Warning, Webcam, Wireless, Workstation
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Shapes House automation library

The Adobe Illustrator™ library contains 273 House automation symbols. To use this library, you need Adobe Illustrator™ CS6 or higher Keywords:
Access card, Air conditioner, Alarm, Arrows, Audio equipment, Bank vault, Barometer, Battery, Bed, Bell, Breakage glass, Brightness, Building administration, Bulb, Cancel, Car place, Car, Cassette, CD, Ceiling, cloakroom, Clock, Code, Colors, Configuration, Contrast, Cooking pot, Cooling, Couch, Cutlery, Disc, Door, Dustbin, Electric meter, Emergency exit, EPG, Exclamtion, Exit, Extinguisher, Eye, Finger scanner, Fire alarm, Flower, Frost, Garage, Garden, Gas meter, Gate open, Gateway, Gear, Grid lamp, Hammer, Hand, Handy, Heating controler, Heating, Home server, Home, HQI spotlight, Inactive, Indoor temperature, Information, Intercom, Key, Lamp, Lawn sprinkler, Lawnmower, Letter, Light scene, Light switch, Log camera, Loop, Loudness, Mailbox, Manometer, Media, Menu, Message, Microphone, Minus, Mode absent, Mode present, Mode sleeping, Motion detector,MP3, MP4, Music, Neon lamp, Note, Observation camera, Ok, Outdoor area, Outdoor temperature, Outside lighting, Oval lamp, Padlock, PC, Person inactive, Person standing, Person walking, Phone, Player Eject, FastFwd, FastRwd, Next, Pause, Play, Previous, Record, Slow, Stop, Plus, Power, Pump, Question, Radiator, Radio, Recessed luminaire, Refresh, Refrigerator, Remote control, Rotation, SAT, Save, Selection menu, Sender, Shower, Signal, Sleep, Socket, Solar collector, Solar control, Spot light, Standby, Statistic, Sunblind, Table, Tank, Teddy, Television, Temperature, Terrace door, Text, Thermostat, Time control, Timer, Touchscreen, Underfloor heating, Valve, Ventilator, Vol Minus, Vol Plus, Washing machine, Water drop, Water meter, Water, Watering, Wave, Web, Window, Write
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Shapes Office library

The Adobe Illustrator™ library contains 1033 Office symbols. To use this library, you need Adobe Illustrator™ CS6 or higher Keywords:
Redo, Undo, Add, Address book, Address field, Align, Arrange, Arrow, Attach, Bookmark, Border, Brightness, Calc, Calendar, Cancel, Cells connect, Certificate, Chart, Citation, Cliparts, Clipboard Copy, Clipboard cut, Clipboard paste, Cloud download, Cloud upload, Color fill, Colors, Column, Columns, Comment, Config, Contact, Contrast, Cross reference, Database, Databases, Date, Day planner, Design Effects, Design, Detailed view list, Dictionary, Document mail, Document, Ending footnote, Equation, Export to DB,  Eye, Fax internet, Fax, Field, Filter,  Folder, Font, Fontsize, Footer header, Footer, Footnote, Format copy, formula evaluation, Frame, Function, Go back, Go to, Greeting line, Grid, Group field, Header, Height, Highlight, Home, Hyperlink, Hyphenation, Import Table, Indent decrease, Indent increase, Index, Info, Initials, Insert text, Inspect, Internet, Journal, Labels, Language, Library, Line distance, Line numbers, Link, List bullets, List multilevel, List numbers, List, Logic, Macros, Mail folder junkmail, Mail, Margins, Markups, Mergefields, Monitoring, Names, Number format, Objects, Ok, Options, Organize, Orientation, Page, Paragraph marker, Percent, Phone, Picture, Pivot chart, Pivot table, Placeholder, Position back one, Position back, Printer, Quotation, Question, Quick parts, Quikinfo translation, Recipients list, Remove, Replace, Resources, Review, Ruler, Save as, Save, Search, Selection all, Selection, Shadow bottom, Shadow effects, Shapes, Signature, Smart list, Smartart cycle, Smartart, Sort and Filter, Spelling, Stroke width, Strokes, Styles, Stylesheets, Sum, Symbol, Table, Table cell, Table column, Table row, Tasks request, Tasks, Template, Text align, Text orientation, Textbox, Themes, Thesaurus, Thousand separator, Time, Trace, Translate, Trash, Treeview, View, Warnings, Watermark, Width, Window split, Window, Windows, Word counter, Wordart, Worksheet, Worksheets, Write, Zoom
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Shapes School library

The Adobe Illustrator™ library contains 90 School symbols. To use this library, you need Adobe Illustrator™ CS6 or higher Keywords:
Abacus, ABC, Adresses, Alarm clock, Audio, Bell, Biology, Book, Books, Breakfast, Briefcase, Calculator, Calendar, CD, Chair, Chemistry, Cinema, Circle, Classroom, Clock, Conference, Cooking, Copier, Cup, Desk, Diploma, Document, Documents, Drawing, Drink, Economy, Examina, Exercise book, Exercise books, Exercise, Family, First aid, Flyer, Folder, Geography, Glue, Graduation, Handicraft, History, Idea, Knowledge, Language English, Language French, Language German, Language Latin, Leraning, Marker, Material, Math, Measuring, Microphone, Music, Network, Passport, PC, Physics, Pin, Pinboard, Presentation, Printer, Pupil, Pupils, Question, Questions, Reading, Reception, Religion, School bag, School board, School bus, School cone, School, Scissors, Seal, Sports, Square root, Statistics, Student, Teaching, University, Verbal test, Winners podium, Write
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