Pure flat Agriculture Icons
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Keywords: Bale of straw, Barn, Biogas plant, Boar, Bread, Bull, Butter, Cake, Calf, Cattle Truck, Cereal ear, Cheese, Chicken, Chick, Chives, Cock, Concentrated feed, Cow, Digging, Dispatch, Doctor, Donkey, Duck, Dunghill, Eggs, Farmer, Fence, Fertilization, Fertilizer, Field, Fodder, Free range, Fruit picker, Fruits, Garden pump, Goat kid, Goat, Goose, Grain silo, Harvest hand, Harvester, Honey, Horse, Jam, Lamb, Lawn, Ledger, Market, Meat, Medicine, Milk bottle, Milk can, Parsley, Pasture, Pick Axe, Piglet, Pig, Pitchfork, Plant, Plough, Pot plant, Sausage, Scythe, Sheep, Slurry tanker, Sowing, Stable, Sunflower, Tools, Tractor, Trailer, Tree, Varmints, Vegetables, Watering can, Weather, Windmill, Wine, Wooden box
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