Pure flat Construction Icons
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Keywords: Adhesive tape, Air blow gun, Air compressor, Air gun, Air punch, Anchor bolts, Angle grinder, Angle meter, Architect, Asphalt paver, Axe, Barrier, Battery, Bitumen sprayer, Bolt cutter, Brad nailor, Brick, Brickwork, Bridge, Bridge2, Broom, Brush, Bucket, Caulking gun, Cement mixer, Cement, Chainsaw, Chalk reel, Chipping tool, Chisel, Circular saw, Clamp, Concrete mixer, Connection rod, Construction vehicle, Container service, Container, Crane truck, Crane, Crimpers, Cutting pliers, Demolition ball, Demolition hammer, Distance meter, Dividers, Door, Drain auger, Drawing, Drill, Dump truck, Ear protection, Excavator, File, Flaring tool, Gauge, Glue gun, Glue, Gravel spreader, Groundwork, Hacksaw, Hammer, Hand riveter, Hand sander, Handsaw, Helmet, House, Hydraulic ramp, Jigsaw, Ladder, Level, Mallet, Measuring tape, Measuring wheel, Motor grader, Nail punch, Nails, Paint, Pipe cutter, Pipe wrench, Plane, Pneumatic drill, Pneumatic sander, Reamer, Road, Safety goggles, Sandbag, Scaffolding, Scaper, Screw gun, Screw, Screwdriver, Shovel, Silicone, Site plan, Soil compactor, Spanner, Spray gun, Square, Staple gun, Steamroller, Steel beam, Stud sensor, Tin snips, Tools, Tower building, Traffic cone, Trailer pump, Trovel, Under construction, Vise grip, Welding, Wheel barrow, Wheel loader, Window, Wire strippers, Wood planner, Wooden board, Work gloves, Work, Worker, Yardstick
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