Pure flat Financial Icons
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Keywords: Abacus, Address, Alarm, ATM, Auction, Balance, Bank statement, Bank vault, Banknote, Barcode reader, Barcode, Bargain, Basket filled, Basket, Business man, Cabinet, Calc, Calendar, Cancel, Card reader, Cash machine, Cash register, Cash, Cashbook, Chart, Cheque, City, Clipboard In, Clipboard Out, Coin Cent, Coin Dollar, Coin Euro, Coin Yen, Company, Complaint, Contract, Credit card Locked, Credit card Unlocked, Credit card, Credit cards, Credit note, Currency sign, Currency watch, Customers, Debit card, Delivery note, Diagram, Document Chart, Employee, Exchange, Factory price, Factory, Fax, Fee, Flag, Folder, Free, Funds, Gift, Gold bar, Group, Handshake, Inventory, Invoice, Jewel, Label, Legal, Mail, Map, Minus, Money bag, Money order, Money transfer, Money transport, Money transporter, Office chair, Oil, Ok, Order, Organigram, Parcel, Payment, PC, Percent1, Phone, Piggy bank, Plus, Price label, Printer, Proclamation, Purse, Quittance, Real estate, Receipt,Report, Security Ok, Shopping bag, Shopping cart filled, Shopping cart, Signature, Spreadsheet, Stamp, Statistic, Stock certificate, Stock prices, Stopwatch, T-Account numbers, T-Account, Target, Tax form, Tax, Thumbs Down, Thumbs Up, Time, World, Write
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